Utopian Sunflower Brigade (USB) Program

The Utopian Sunflower Brigade (USB) will connect utopians with others in their area or across the country, to start getting o.r.g.a.n.i.z.e.d. Folks will work together with a small group or “cypher pod” collaboratively to earn “merit badges” by accomplishing various organizing, mutual aid, or social ecology focused projects, tasks, and educational explorations.  


It will work to both build community, develop participants organizing skills and creative insurgent capabilities by learning through doing with others collaboratively. A Demand Utopia “buddy” will provide any needed assistance or insights. It is designed to be a 3-6 month long program, where upon completion we hope that folks will have the skills, the resources, theoretical tools and the relationships to either create their own local groups or to work on a deeper level with the Demand Utopia International to spread the seeds of revolutionary change in whatever way suits them.  We aim for the USB to assist with advancing participants..


  1. Organizing Skill Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Comradely Relationships
  4. Mentorship Skills
  5. Fun and Adventure
  6. Building a group in your area
  7. Preparation for the rev.


If you are interested in joing up please fill out the form below or email us at demandutopia@protonmail.com


USB Cypher Pod


As a member of the Utopian Sunflower Brigade, you will be a member of a Cypher Pod.  The pod will involve you in a group of people generally in your area and across the country. Think of it like a “cohort” you are there to work together on collaborative projects at times and at times do your own thing. You will earn recognition for your individual and collective accomplishments and gain a sense of personal achievement from the skills you learn. Most pods will have six to eight people and meet one to two times a month via video chats. Each Pod will have one Demand Utopia buddy who will help facilitate the process. The cypher pods have these 7 principles.


7 Principles of The Cypher

1} Money buys nothing, & bosses are whack

2} Everyone gets to express themselves

3} Nobody is forced to do something they don’t want to do

4} YOU inspire the growth & morale of everyone else

5} You are responsible for deciding who you want to be

6} Together, we decide what we want to be

7} The Cypher is Family




The Communalist Cub Scout Badge system is a gamified way to give recognition and a feeling of accomplishment for taking action wherever you might live or be. In games, there are often certain levels you achieve to give the player a sense of progress and accomplishment. Each badge has a list of suggested tasks a person must accomplish at least 3 tasks from each list to earn the badge. USB members can work with their DU buddy to choose their own tasks should they have any ideas, not on the list.

All USB members start at the Spore level. After earning 3 badges they can become a “Green One”. After six badges they earn the rank Geshi Sayan!


Do at least 3 things in each category to earn a badge. Or make your own task!

  1. Anti-Fascism
  2. Mutual Aid/
  3. Eco-Defense
  4. Logistics
  5. Abolitionism
  6. Food Sovereignty
  7. Neighborliness
  8. Class War
  9. Enlightenment
  10. Art/Music
  11. Derive/Psychogeography
  12. Engineering
  13. Eros/Nurturing
  14. Education
  15. Self-Defense
  16. Situationist Pranksterism