Organizing an Educational Event

Interested in organizing an educational event? We can help.


If you would like to organize an educational event for Operation Watered Sprout we can help you find speakers to video call in who have direct experience in Rojava. It is a great and interactive way to share with others about the ongoing situation there and motivate people to get more involved! If you would like to do this simply email us at and we can start the process. Below are some additional tips on getting an educational event up and running.



  • Topics — Brainstorm on topics, themes for the event and the attendees’ segment I like to bring to the event.
  • Speakers — Think of all the speakers I would like to get on board.
  • Venue — Make a quick shortlist of venues and cities where to host the event.
  • Sponsors — Make a list of sponsorship prospects for the said event.