Movie Screening

Hosting a movie night is easy and we have some tips!


To host a movie night in solidarity with Operation Watered Sprout all you need is a computer and some friends! Of course you can make it a bigger event by borrowing a projector from someone and inviting more people if you'd like aswell! The scale is up to you! Below is a list of some movies about the Rojava Revolution. Make sure to have some questions ready for after the event to discuss with the audience.

*The Silent Revolution

*Secure the victory - The international Brigades for the reconstruction of Kobane

*ROZA - The Country Of Two Rivers

*Radio Kobani

*[Binxet. Under the border] ( Donation required in order to download and watch it.

*Şoresa Jin/Women's Revolution

*60 Minutes - Female State

*Kurdistan - Girls at War

*Kobane Resistance: One Year Anniversary

*Arte - Surrounded by the Islamic state

*Ch4 Unreported - The City That Beat Isis

*No free steps to heaven - The fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq