How to Leaflet

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Leafleting is a great way to spread the word about Operation Watered Sprout. It can be done in small groups, pairs or individually. It's an action that everyone can choose to take. Here are some quick steps to leafleting.


Your first step is to print off some handbills or other literature! You can choose to make your own or use some of the ones we have created for the campaign.


Next you'll want to choose your place to leaflet. Often it is best to choose high traffic areas. This is great if you live in urban areas, if not you can choose to leaflet at events where you know there will be lots of interested people and position yourself outside either before or after it lets out. Another method is to take your leafleting door to door.


Finally you'll want to hit the streets and engage people. Be friendly and confident in your ideas. Remember you are there to help raise awareness. For a 101 on leafleting check out this video.